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The EB2 Green Card is an employment based, second preference visa that provides lawful permanent residence in the US to those with an advanced degree or an exceptional ability in the sciences, arts or business and a permanent offer of employment in the US.

EB2 Green Card Requirements

To qualify for an EB2 Green Card, the applicant must have an advanced degree or exceptional ability in their profession. Applicants must have a permanent job offer from a US employer who will act as the applicant’s sponsor.

An advanced degree is considered at least a Master’s degree or, in some professions, a Bachelor’s degree plus a minimum of five (5) years’ work experience.

An exceptional ability means a degree of expertise significantly above that ordinarily encountered in the sciences, arts or business. Applicants who can demonstrate an exceptional ability and that their employment in the US would greatly benefit the nation may be eligible to self-petition and may not need an employer to sponsor them.

US Green Card applicants will also need to meet health and character requirements

EB2 Green Card Entitlements

An EB2 Green Card entitles advanced degree holders to live permanently in the United States to continue to work in their field. In addition, the Green Card holder’s spouse and children may be entitled to accompany or join them in the United States permanently.

US permanent residents are entitled to attend any public or private school in the US, work in the US without a visa or employment authorization document, travel outside the US with few limitations, sponsor close relatives for US permanent residence and apply for US citizenship when eligible to do so.