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A J1 visa is a temporary exchange visa that entitles experts in a field to observe, consult or demonstrate their specialist skills with their counterparts in the US. Typically this visa is used by experts and specialists to exchange ideas with and assist government agencies, scientific institutions, museums and other organizations.

J1 Visa Requirements for Specialists

To qualify for a J1 visa as a specialist, the applicant must demonstrate expertise in a field of specialized knowledge and be sponsored by an approved organization facilitating the exchange visit. Applicants may be required to satisfy additional requirements to obtain sponsorship by an approved organization in the US.

J1 visa applicants may be required to meet certain health and character requirements.

J1 Visa Entitlements for Specialists

A J1 visa entitles the holder to observe, consult or demonstrate specific skills in the US for a sponsoring organization. A J1 visa is usually granted for the duration of the sponsorship (typically one year) and extensions are not required for as long as the visa holder continues to provide specialized knowledge for their sponsor.

Spouses and unmarried children under 21 years of age may apply for the applicable derivative visa (J2 visa) to join their spouse or parent in the US. Accompanying spouses and children are entitled to study in the US and may undertake employment with an approved employment authorization.